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At HeavenBeads.Crypto (On Shopify) you can now purchase NFT & high quality products such as natural body butter, wall decorations, and unique custom gifts all in one place.  Our NFT products are Blockchain verifiable & have fully deployable contracts so that both buyers and sellers are fully protected. 


  • NFTs are digital assets that represent real world objectives like art, music, in game pieces, video games, and many more.  They are bought and sold online using  various cryptocurrencies and multiple kind of payment including the latest fiat currency by the convenient use of a debit or credit card. 
  • Now, you have the option to purchase a physical product as NFTs. HeabenBeasds ia one of the first companies to offer both, Physical Products together with NFT Crypto Collectible products.
  • Our NFT form of this product is Blockchain verifiable. This means, when you purchase an NFT Product from us, you have full ownership of the item making this a great way to invest in a piece of this future technology and at the same time getting to keep a unique gift for you or your love one.
  • It takes a few clicks to own this very unique NFT.
  • HeavenBeads is Minority Owned and Women Owned.  


You are fully in control of how and what you purchase.  You can choose to buy just the regular item (like a regular every day purchase on this store), or you can decide to purchase the NFT version of the same product.  You also have the best option (which is to purchase both in which you will receive a discounted price towards the NFT).


Physical Product: (Here on Shopify)

Purchase both in one click (Secured Under each NFT Product Page)