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Cute Friendly Monster Mug - Large Mug & Spoon Set

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Product information:
Material: Ceramic
Capacity: 501mL (inclusive)-600mL (inclusive)
Style: Korean
Popular elements: cartoon
Color Classification:
A: Be COOL [with ceramic lid + spoon]
B: Fuhhy [with ceramic lid + spoon]
C: so lovely [with ceramic lid + spoon]
D: SWEET love [ceramic cover + spoon]
E: HEYI [with ceramic lid + spoon]
F: DINOSAUR [with ceramic lid + spoon]
G: DINO [with ceramic lid + spoon]
H: my BEST [with ceramic lid + spoon]
I: Be COOL【Dinosaur Bamboo Cover + Spoon】
J: Fuhhy [with dinosaur bamboo cover + spoon]
K: so lovely [Dinosaur bamboo cover + spoon]
L: HEYI [Dinosaur Bamboo Cover + Spoon]
M: DINOSAUR [Dinosaur bamboo cover + spoon]
N: DINO [Dinosaur Bamboo Cover + Spoon]
O: my BEST [with dinosaur bamboo cover + spoon]
P: SWEET love [with dinosaur bamboo cover + spoon]
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