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Raw Stone Ore Gift Set - Natural Crystals (20 pcs)

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Natural Raw Ore Stone Gift Set for love ones! A special gift for that special person in your life.  

This is a very beautiful gift set of 20 stones.  The crystals come all in one box and are each labeled.  A very elegant premium gift for holidays and special moments!

Raw ore is a precious gift of nature. Each ore is unique. After hundreds of millions of years of formation, the raw ore retains a very strong high energy and magnetic field corresponding to it. Raw ore can purify negative magnetic fields and strengthen energy development. Whether it is an office, business place, home environment, etc.

Raw material with unique colors.  Perfect for anniversaries, birthday parties, weddings, graduations, and more.  

Product information:

Product name: Original crystal ore standard (20 sets)
Product size: Crystal stone 4-5cm, box 20.5*18*5.5cm
Product weight: about 1180g
Product material: natural crystal
Packing: carton packing


This product is manually processed.  Takes 14-16 days to arrive to your home.  Free Shipping!

Packing list:

4-5cm rough stone 20 x 1set