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Pet Lovers Gift - Personalized Bracelet with your pet Image Charm

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This is an awesome present for a love one or a pet lover! The bracelet comes in two colors (purple and red).  It is a very realistic image of your dog or cat that you can carry with you anywhere.  

  • Natural Rope braided material
  • Handmade with Care
  • Add your pet's name 
  • favorite image of your pet

Material: braided rope
Styling: letters/numbers/text
Size: 18cm

color:purple /red

Pendant: Beautiful Customized picture of your lovely pet!


  • Shipping takes 15-20 days. This is production and shipping time together.
  • This gift is handmade and it takes extra time for manual processing and shipping.  We work in the image graphics, then it is adapted into the bracelet color of your choice.