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Heaven Beads Boutique Now Offers NFT Versions of Most of our Products!

HeavenBeads is Minority Owned and Women Owned. You can now purchase NFT gifts such as natural body butter, wall decorations, and unique custom gifts. 

NFT gifts for family and friends, and special occasions. When you purchase our NFT's you get both: the NFT and the physical version of it.

NFTs are digital assets that represent real world objectives like art, music, in game pieces, video games, and many more.  They are bought and sold online using  various cryptocurrencies and multiple kind of payments including the latest fiat currency by the convenient use of a debit or credit card.

Verifiable NFT Purchases

Our NFTs are Blockchain verifiable. This means, when you purchase an NFT Product from us, you have full ownership of the item making this a great way to invest in a piece of this future technology and at the same time getting to keep a unique gift for you or your love one and be able to verify direct proof of authentic ownership on the Blockchain. It takes a few clicks to own this very unique NFT.


You can support us by shopping any regular products here in our store and you will receive your physical product as always and a 10% of our sale will go to support Elee's Community Program at the same time.

    OPTION ONE: Shopify Purchase Using Credit, Debit, or Crypto Wallets:You can pay here on Shopify using major credit cards, debit cards or use your crypto wallet by selecting "Alternate Payment Option" at the bottom of the shopping car (for using crypto payment), you will receive your NFT by Email right after purchase confirmation. 

    OPTION TWO: Regular NFT Purchases using major credit cards, debit cards or use your crypto wallet directly on our alternate NFT Shop that process secured direct Blockchain Transactions and Auctions: By clicking Here. 




    Please create a free account so that you can provide us with the product name you would like and your images. We will review the final draft with you by email, then once completed, you can finalized your purchase. Contact Us


    • Personalized NFT might take 1-3 days depending on its complexity.
    • NFTs To go or Pre-Made are available instantly here online (see top menu under NFT Gifts - NFT TO GO).
    • Physical Products are usually process within 1-3 days and delivery is usually done within 7-12 days depending on each product.

    For all general questions or to learn more about NFTs, please view our menu at the button of the this page: All About NFTs. Thank you in advanced for your kindness and support!

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